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Six Things I Learned in August

One of my friends, Emily Freeman, is inviting bloggers to share what they have learned this month. The lists are full of random insights. Here is mine:

1. Sometimes I get tired of offering apologies for myself and for my three unruly kids. I usually don’t mind apologizing. However, when my kids go on play dates and misbehave in the homes of my friends, I’m ready to just keep everyone at home for a while.

2. The human genome project is uncovering some common genetic differences that can be fixed. My son’s ADHD might be due to a gene that causes him to not break down folic acid. Easily absorbed forms of folic acid are available. Simple new treatment? I’m reading a LOT about this.

3. Sprouting seeds at home can be a healthy, fun project. So far, I’ve had the best luck with broccoli sprouts. If I can do this, anyone can make it work. Really.

4. Live and learn: I wish I had used less variety when selecting my Tupperware. Rectangles, squares and circles do not make for organized cabinets.

5. Sending my kids back to school is bittersweet. I have two kids in middle school and one child who is in the first grade. Sometimes the quietness of the house is pleasant. At other times, the quietness is deafening.

6. Fiftieth anniversaries are very special. My photo for this post is one I took this weekend of flowers I bought for my parents to wear to their celebration.


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