Jennifer Thomas is a bestselling author, psychologist, speaker, consultant & apology critic

Media Update: What to Say “When Sorry Isn’t Enough”

WhenSorryIsntEnough_1281I’m looking forward to another wave of interviews this month about the book I co-authored with New York Times Bestselling Author Gary Chapman, “When Sorry Isn’t Enough.”

I’ll be sharing tips to help people:

        • Get out of the “dog house” and restore valuable relationships.
        • Bring heated arguments to a screeching halt.
        • Break through barriers and build respect
        • Rekindle love that has been dimmed by pain.
        • Grow their businesses by apologizing the smart way.
        • Offer apologies that are fully accepted.
        • Trade in tired excuses for honesty, trust, and joy.


Here is my radio interview schedule:

Radio Interview on 180 with Karl Clauson WYLL-AM (Salem Radio Chicago). Tuesday 7/2/13. Air Date: 7/5/13.

Radio Interview on KNEO-FM,  Joplin, MO/Pittsburg, KS. Program: “Author’s Corner: The Authors You Need to Hear. The Books You Need to Read”. Friday 7/9/13. Air date is TBD.

Live Radio Interview on WDCD-AM/FM Albany, NY (DJRA Broadcasting). Program: “Views from the Heart”. Friday 7/12/13 4-5 Eastern Time. Live Streaming Online on July 12th.


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