She has a right to feel how she wants to feel. She is old enough to know and to accept the consequences of her actions. She made a choice. Everyone else needs to accept that fact and move on. I’m Black and it’s not bothering or affecting me one bit. Actually I’m tired of hearing about it. I say niggah whenever I feel like it and I don’t use some supposedly innocuous letter like “n” as if no one knows it means nigger, niggah or nigga. It is the same as someone saying “you B. Now who doesn’t know that they meant bitch. Some of you who have your britches in a wad, most likely behind closed doors use nigga and a few other derogatory and inflammatory words. Now none of you care that I say it because I’m just me (isn’t that what she said too?). No one will lose any business behind what I say. Funny also, if the same people that heard Paula say nigger, niggah or nigga heard me say it would think nothing of it. My own people, Black folk, think nothing of it. They, Black folk, my people, only act like it is awful and use the acronym N usually in the company of White folk or in “upper” circles. I know who I am. When and it has happened a White person has called nigger, can you really imagine what I called them? One time I said, “Ya mammie is a niggah and my daddy tore that &*%$ up” They looked stupid and kept it moving. I laughed and went on about my business. Will I still eat her food, yup…when it is on sale, as I’ve always done. Hey Paula, got some chicken…what about one of the real fattening cakes? The media is a bitch! Did I use the B-word?