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Apple’s Rotten Week

The internet is buzzing with complaints about Apple’s IPhone 5 release.  The crux of the problem: Apple was unable to get Google’s permission to use their excellent maps application so Apple created their own maps application.  This application is not working and so apple is apologizing.

Andrew Leonard at has a good analysis of this public relations mess in his article entitled, “Apple’s Apology Tour.”  

 at posted this update about Apple’s apology history:

“CNNMoney’s David Goldman has posted a gallery of eight Apple snafus, seven of which drew official Apple apologies, two of them — the $200 iPhone price cut in 2007 and the 2006 stock options scandal — from Jobs himself. Note that although the company issued free iPhone 4 bumpers, neither he nor Apple ever did apologize for Antennagate.”

For a good laugh, read this apology parody from The New Yorker:


Posted by  CUPERTINO (The Borowitz Report)—Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook apologized for the ongoing problems with its Apple Maps app today, recommending that until it is fixed customers “should try not to go anywhere.”
“Until we get this straightened out, I strongly urge you to stay at home,” Mr. Cook advised iPhone users. “That’s your best bet for not getting lost.”

Even as he apologized, Mr. Cook downplayed the number of Apple customers affected by the Maps glitch: “This only impacts Apple customers who have someplace to go. From what we can tell, most of our customers just go back and forth to the Apple Store and that’s pretty much it.”

The Apple C.E.O. also advised customers whose iPhones consistently drop calls to “try using a land line.”


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