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Apology from YouVersion

This apology just came to my inbox.  I liked it.  The online Bible company both began and ended the email with expressions of apology.  In the middle, they assured me that they take care to protect my personal information.  I assume that I have permission to copy their apology here (since they sent it to me) as a GOOD corporate apology example.  The full text:

from YouVersion
  date Mon, Apr 25, 2011
  subject Let’s Try That Again!
OOPS! We’re sorry!
You received an email about our fun KJV event — which we’d still love for you to be a part of, by the way (details here: Unfortunately, a glitch in our email system caused a couple of problems:
1) There’s a good chance we had your name wrong. We hate that, because we
really value each and every member of the amazing YouVersion community.
2) Our message didn’t include our standard information to let you know how you can opt out of future emails from us:
We NEVER sell or share your info with others. Also, we try really hard to
send you only information that we hope will help you read the Bible
more. Finally, it’s really important to us to follow Jesus’ teaching in
Luke 6:31, treating others as we would like to be treated. So, at the
bottom of this email you’ll see the link that should have been in that
last email. At any time, you can visit that page to adjust your
subscription preferences.
Please accept our humble apology. We hope you’ll stay connected to continue
learning about great new ways you can stay engaged in the Bible.
Our apologies,
The YouVersion Team
Any comments on corporate apologies?

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