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Cultural Issues

There are TWO main phases of relationship between a MAN and a WOMAN. ONLY IN ITALY these phases are called with different name because these are really TWO DIFFERENT PHASES. Main problem in a RELATIONSHIP comes when we have not experience to distinguish and recognise in what status we are. Many problems in relationships and divorces are summarized … See Morein this difference. The difference alienates people. First phase is MANAGED by the “INSTINCT”, second phase must be managed by the “AWARNESS”. Only the second phase must be called LOVE, but LOVE must come from our action. DISASTERS comes from the movement from PHASE 1 and PHASE 2.
This theory was well described by book: I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER (real name in italian is “TI AMERO’ PER SEMPRE”), by PIERO ANGELA.

The above comment focuses on love, but I’m also thinking about relationships and apologies.  While conducting research for our Five Languages of Apology, I learned that accepting responsibility (our 2nd languages of apology) varies considerably by culture.  These cultural differences are reflected in the language.  In romance languages, it is common to say things indirectly. Rather than saying that a person has dropped her eyeglasses, I learned that the Spanish translation would be passive:  “My eyeglasses fell from my face.”  Likewise, their apologies are less likely to include personal statements of responsibility.
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