Jennifer Thomas is a bestselling author, psychologist, speaker, consultant & apology critic

Tiger Woods’ Media Circus at Augusta National

Like many people, I just tuned in to Tiger’s pre-tournament press conference.  Here are some highlights from Tiger’s comments (with my comments in parentheses):

This media circus has been hard on the other players- I apologize to them.

Over the past few years, I under-appreciated my fans and that was wrong of me. (Accepting responsibility, our 2nd Language of Apology)

My (history of) winning golf tournaments is irrelevant compared to the pain I’ve caused my immediate and extended family. (Expressing regret, our 3rd Language of Apology)

I have not taken performance-enhancing drugs.  I did see a doctor for plasma-enhancing blood treatment into his LCL.  I’ve had 4 knee operations and a torn achilles.  I’ve taken Ambien and other sleep aides.

Playing in front of fans today made me nervous.  I’ve done some things that are really just horrible. (Accepting responsibility, our 2nd Language of Apology)

Fans cheering for me after what has transpired in my life is incredible. (This is a passive voice.  It would be stronger for him to have said, “what I have done”.

Of course my friends have written articles that have been critical of me and they should be. (Accepting responsibility, our 2nd Language of Apology)

My treatment was 45 days inpatient and it will not stop in the near future.  The way I was thinking was not correct: rationalizing, denying, lying to myself and others, causing harm to my loved ones.  Treatment stripped all that away… I take full responsibility for what I’ve done. (Accepting responsibility, our 2nd Language of Apology)

I’m learning how to help myself, like my Dad taught me to do.

I should have been more centered and balanced.  I meditate religiously again.. back to my Mom’s roots in Buddhism.  I lost that religion and I lost my life in the process.

Elin is not coming this week (with steely eyes) but I decided to play this week.

It’s not about championships.  It’s about how you live your life.  I need to be a better man than I’ve been.  If I win championships along the way, so be it.  I want to help others who haven’t learned to be themselves just like I was. (Genuinely repenting, our 4th Language of Apology)


My analysis:  He’s taken another step of coming into the open and taking questions from reporters.  This was a good effort on Tiger’s part.  Do you think he’ll win on the golf course?  Will he succeed at home?

Jennifer Thomas is the co-author of The Five Languages of Apology

Press contact: 1-336-254-4325


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