Jennifer Thomas is a bestselling author, psychologist, speaker, consultant & apology critic

Apology for Pilfered Roman Artifact

This story that appeared in our local paper earlier this year has stuck with me as an interesting story of apologizing and attempting to set things right. Good for her!
A quote from the apology section:

“In the letter, signed only ‘an American citizen,’ Johnsen wrote that she and her husband picked up the fragment “as a spontaneous souvenir from nearby the Colosseum” on a trip some 25 years ago.

‘My husband and I apologize for our thoughtless and selfish act,” Johnsen wrote, requesting that the piece be put back at the Colosseum “so it may again be at rest back where it belongs.’

…..’I’m hoping we can go back,’ Johnsen said. “I hope they understand it was a goodwill gesture.”


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