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Gary Chapman is well known as the ‘love languages guy’.  His New York Times bestselling book, The Five Love Languages, has become a classic in the field of relationships.   In 2006, Gary Chapman and I released The Five Languages of Apology, which illuminates the steps for removing barriers in any relationship.  Our book is not a marriage book.  You might want to hop over to my website ( for a list of our book chapters, which include “Apologies in the Workplace” and “Teaching Children to Apologize.”

We believe that The Five Love Languages and The Five Languages of Apology fit together like a hand in a glove.  Both concepts embody ‘vital statistics’ for making relationships work.  Today, most engaged couples know that they need to learn each others’ love languages.  Yet they will not be fully equipped for their journey without the matching insight: their languages of apology.  Whether in love relationships, friendships, or the workplace, love languages and apology languages are practical relationship tools for cementing your relationships.

In this blog, you’ll find posts about these two essentials:  love/appreciation and handling offenses. I’ll also be talking about apologies in the news and tips for great communication


The Forgiveness Service


My most popular post concerned my former pastor who recently made a startling apology.  I’ve titled that series of May posts “An Unprecedented Public Apology.”

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My co-author, Dr. Gary Chapman

Dr. Jen Thomas




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